Dreamy Canopy Beds That Will Transform Your Bedroom

You’re a princess, with these dreamy, flowy canopies above your beds, you can start sleeping like one too.

1. Use a hula hoop for some dorm room privacy. Bed Canopy1

Also comes in handy if you want to hide from your roommate, if necessary.

2. Or thread sheer fabric and string lights through two smaller hoops for instant coziness.  Bed Canopy 2

This sections off your bed without sacrificing space.

3. Use a curtain rod and a table cloth for a cheap Marie Antoinette vibe Bed Canopy 3
  1. Make your room extra cozy with two mini curtain rods and some cheap fabric. Bed Canopy 4
  2. If you don’t have any curtain rods lying around, use some copper pipe. Bed Canopy 5
  3. Add some string lights to create an extra whimsical effect Bed Canopy 6

Most things in life become more magical by adding string lights; canopies are certainly no exception.

  1. For some privacy and extra shade, solid curtains are a perfect solution. Bed Canopy 7
  2. Transform a wooden ladder and some linen fabric into a rustic canopy. Bed Canopy 8

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