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Let’s face it, we all get a little excited when it’s the master bedroom’s turn to get decorated. Stylish, fashionable and sexy, the master bedroom interior design is probably the one space design which allows you to get as personal as you feel and decorate it just the way you want to. But sometimes it may be so that the entire decorating situation could become a little lacklustre and that’s something we don’t want. So, if you’re looking to get the oomph back into your master bedroom, here are 10 samples of gorgeously decorated, sensual master bedrooms that you can take inspiration from.

Best Master Bedroom Interior Designs with Romantic Retreats

1. The island getaway bedroom with soothing colours, woodwork and beautiful curtains draped all around master bedroom interior design 1
2.The old world luxury bedroom with a four-post bed, vintage furnishings, candle light themed lighting and a drop dead gorgeous chandelier master bedroom interior design 2
3. Printed Fantasy, an entire setup with exotic prints on the bed linen and cushions master bedroom interior design 3
4. The come-hither bedroom that comes equipped with drapes that do nothing but invite you into the master bedroom master bedroom interior design 4
5. High Hopes and in its truest sense at that too! This bedroom is situated right on the loft which gives it a magnificent tree-house effect. If you’re the adventurous kind then this is definitely the way to go master bedroom interior design 5
6. There’s more than one way to decorate a bedroom. Yes, there’s the drapes and mood lighting, yes there’s the quirky accessories and complementary colour schemes. But what about installing a handcrafted poetic art piece above the headboard? Didn’t think of that one did you? master bedroom interior design 6

7. A bedroom with a royal touch. Half-canopy, luxurious bedding and gorgeous colours truly makes a master bedroom worthy of royalty. master bedroom interior design 7
8. A master bedroom fit for a goddess. Complete with the wood carved bed, beautiful drapes pretty patterned wallpapers, elegant look and feel and an unimaginable feminine touch that is ideal for any woman. master bedroom interior design 8
9. A master bedroom where the rustic meets the romantic. Colour blocking in the form of the cranberry wall is a classic example of contemporary styles of interior decor while the salvaged doors and sconces remind us of the Rustic. Altogether this master bedroom is the perfect amalgamation of the luxurious and countryside simplicity. master bedroom interior design 9
10. A master bedroom that reminds you of a wine country retreat. The vivid green walls juxtaposed against the tranquil shades of white is what gives this bedroom its characteristic trait of being calm and soothing. The boudoirs, matching cabinets along with the wooden floor just adds to the wine country retreat feel. master bedroom interior design 10

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