White Paradise – Bedroom Design Ideas in White

Mastering an all-white bedroom design is a tricky thing. Tricky but not impossible – which is why we’ve taken some time out to figure out all the things that one should and shouldn’t do in order to create the best bedroom design ideas clad in white. The main thing one should keep in mind is that the colour white symbolises purity, calm, peace and serenity. Nothing is as ethereal and romantic as the colour white – which makes it ideal for the bedroom to begin with. When decorating a bedroom with white, here are a few things that one should implement:
1. Opt for different textures. Since you’re contracted in terms o colour make it up by using different and interesting types of textures white bedroom design 2
2. Neutral colours complement white. If you’re getting too bored with the colour then try to subtly include neutral shades into the bedroom to create a refreshing change. You can go for nice shelves, a bed stand and the likes. white bedroom design 3
3. Metallic accents and white go fabulously well together. Try incorporating metallic pieces like a mirrored bedside table, a gold light fixture or silver decorative frames that will add just a touch of glamour to the space white bedroom design 4
4. Always go for statement pieces like a headboard or a vintage chair with elaborate details. Since you can’t implement tactics like multi-coloured patterns or colour blocking on the wall, it is important to ensure that whatever goes into the bedroom is such a head turner that people forget to even think of anything else white bedroom design 5

So based on this, we can comfortably claim that white, is always right!

Credit – theinteriorproject


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