Juanita DSouza
I have always been inspired by beautiful residential and commercial architecture and interiors, and their influence on how it feels to live and work inside them. Since I started my own practice, my focus has always been on creating harmonious, life-enhancing interiors. Each client and the architecture of their homes or workplaces are a unique combination, so the designs we produce are also individual, rather than reflecting one particular style. I firmly believe that interiors can be timeless if they are well proportioned, employ good materials, and suit the people they are built for.Beauty, quality and functionality are my long-standing design principles. Strong, highly functional planning is always the starting point on any project. Well laid out, generous spaces and natural light are key to the overall quality of a space, given that a strong base will make everything within it function smoothly and look beautiful.Quality rather than quantity guides me in selecting materials, fittings, furniture and artwork. Good quality materials and workmanship give longevity and aesthetic appeal, and save time, energy and cost in the long run.

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