5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas That You Were Looking For

The challenges associated with a space crunch can be difficult, particularly so when the space concerned is the kitchen. Known to be the heart of the home, kitchens are meant to come with optimum space and full functionality. However, at times, we all suffer from the want of more space and it can be a little confusing with regards to what best we can do to turn around the situation and make the best of it. At Homefuly, we understand that the challenges of a small kitchen can be quite daunting, which is why we’ve listed 5 very easy solutions to your small kitchen problems!

1. Counter Space

Counter space in a kitchen is absolutely essential. If you’re having trouble with a small kitchen and even smaller counter space then what you need to do is follow these very simple kitchen hacks.

  • Place a big cutting board over the kitchen sink and use it as additional counter space
  • Try going for fold down surfaces rather than permanent fixtures, that way you can store it away when you don’t need it and pull it out when you do
  • Go for wall mounted counter tops and make them foldable as well if possible small kitchen design ideas 1

2. Cabinet Space

Cabinets are a must in every kitchen, otherwise where else would you store the cutlery, crockery and other miscellaneous items. One really nifty trick is to make your cabinets horizontal rather than vertical. In doing so you increase space optimization by at least three-fold. Another great way to ensure that you’re using space to the fullest of advantage is by inserting hooks and knobs on the sides of your cabinets (wherever it’s possible of course) from which you can hang smaller items. And when you have a lack of cabinet space, make it up with shelves! small kitchen design ideas 2



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3. Effective Layout Options

When there is a space crunch going for either an L-shaped kitchen or a U-shaped kitchen is the best bet. Each layout provides you with enough surface area and space to move around in. While the U-shaped provides a lot of extra storage space as well as a lot of space to cook and move around leisurely in, the L-shaped kitchen is the best when you want to incorporate your dining table or a small breakfast table within the kitchen area itself. small kitchen design ideas 3


4. Wall Space

If you really think about it, there’s always one space option that we fail to exploit to the fullest. Yes, we’re talking about wall space. Utilizing wall space and we mean every single bit of the wall is essential when you have a small kitchen. Imagine the possibilities when you realise that walls are perfect for extra shelves, cabinets, detachable countertops, racks and much more! You could even consider lining the area just below your ceiling with shelves to help create space for things that you don’t need to use regularly. small kitchen design ideas 4


5.  Clearance Area

Insufficient clearance area in a kitchen can be quite outing off. A problem that is commonly encountered in either a U-shaped kitchen or an inland kitchen, in such cases the kitchen suffers from lack of space between two opposing slabs. In such a situation make sure you do away with any space consuming element in between like a kitchen island. small kitchen design ideas 5


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