Guide To Popular Kitchen Countertops Materials – Granite, Quartz, Marble

For some people their kitchen is a space for some “me” time  as cooking can be therapeutic. But, choosing the right material from the various range of available kitchen countertops can be tricky (and expensive!). Before splurging on such a big update, check out the pros and cons of the top kitchen countertops materials to help you select the right one for your space.

Granite Countertops

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Granite is a natural stone, quarried from large igneous stone deposits found around the world.

“Granite is naturally quite rough, but when polished it takes on a smooth surface with rich luster”

The variations throughout the stone are considered desirable since they give the slab character and differentiate it from others. For this reason, it is important to select slabs quarried from the same stone to ensure that the color and amount of veining are similar.

Online Catalogue – Genesis Marbles

Advantages: It is among the most beautiful countertop materials and accentuates the good looks of quality kitchen cabinets. It has excellent strength and durability; it is resistant to scratches and damage from heat such as pans or hot hair tools. It also has good stain resistance and is easy to clean when sealed correctly.

Disadvantages: Improper sealing or failure to reseal granite when needed can lead to staining of this porous stone. There are about 20 different colors varieties of granite while other materials are available in 100+ colors and patterns. The corners may chip or break if a heavy object falls on them.

Quartz Countertops

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Quartz takes any countertop to the next level of attractive elegance. Small particles of glass or reflective metallic flakes are added to some designs to achieve a unique look.

“One of the toughest materials available, quartz will deliver decades of durable service while maintaining its beauty”

Get Familiar with the various ranges available – Johnson Marble & Quartz

Advantages:  This is an extremely durable material with excellent options for color, pattern, texture and finish. It is non-porous, so resistant to staining and bacteria. This makes it easy to clean with a damp cloth. The resin creates flexibility, so countertops won’t chip as easily as granite, marble, tile or concrete. Also, the combination of quartz dust or aggregate with a binder makes it easy to manufacture slabs of many shapes and sizes to fit your kitchen or bath design.

Disadvantages: It doesn’t have the natural look as stone, since it is engineered. Quartz countertops are among the most expensive, especially for the best quality and finish. Direct sunlight over an extended period of time will cause fading and may also produce warping or cracking.

Laminate Countertops

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Laminate countertops remain a very popular option for many kitchens and bathrooms because they are affordable and come in the widest possible range of colors and patterns.

Online Catalogue of Laminates – Merinolam

Advantages: Laminate bathroom and kitchen countertops are more durable and affordable.  Laminates come in the widest selection too, with a large palette of colors, hundreds of patterns and designs.  For cleanup, there’s nothing easier than laminate countertops; a soapy washcloth is usually all that is needed.  The seams can be hidden more easily than most countertop seams.

Disadvantages: They can be more easily scratched than most surfaces. Also they are not as heat resistant. If the laminate surface is scratched, burned or chipped, it is very difficult to repair.

Marble Countertops countertops 4

It’s hard to match the classic elegance of richly veined marble countertops!

“They turn an ordinary kitchen or bathroom into extraordinary, and when they’re combined with new cabinetry and other fresh décor, the transformation is amazing”

Online Marble Catalogue – Johnson Marble & Quartz

Advantages: Every marble countertop is one of a kind with its own unsurpassed beauty. They fit well with most design styles from classic to modern. They have excellent resistance to heat  and offer outstanding durability when properly cared for.

Disadvantages: Marble is porous and will stain unless properly sealed and conscientiously cleaned. Scratches more easily than granite, especially in high-gloss finishes. It can be chipped or cracked by heavy items and is more expensive than most countertops.

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Tile Countertops

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“Tile is one of the most versatile materials because it comes in a nearly-endless variety of styles, sizes, shapes and color. “

For this reason, it has never gone out of vogue as a material for use in kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

Online Catalogue for Tiles – Nitco Tiles

Advantages: Tile offers unlimited opportunities to create a kitchen or bathroom countertop that looks tailor-made for your home. All types of tile are generally easy to clean. Tile is very durable, and may last 50 years or more.

Disadvantages: Besides the need to seal the grout, tile can be expensive to install. The tile itself is one of the more cost-effective countertop materials, but the installation is labor-intensive.

Resin Countertops

Resin countertops for the kitchen and bathroom have a lot to offer in the way of beauty and durability. These solid surface countertops can be produced any standard length, with a seamless finish. They offer many color and style options too.

Resin countertops for the kitchen and bathroom have a lot to offer in the way of beauty and durability. These solid surface countertops can be produced any standard length, with a seamless finish.

Advantages: Resin offers attractive appearance and durability. They are also non-porous. They don’t support the growth of bacteria or fungus. They clean up quickly and easily with common household cleaners.

Disadvantages: The biggest drawback to consider when shopping for resin countertops is the lack of consistency among products. Not all resin bathroom and kitchen countertops are created equal.

Stainless Steel Countertops

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Stainless steel combines elegant beauty with outstanding practical benefits for the kitchen or bathroom.

“With so many large kitchen appliances now featuring stainless steel finishes, you can select countertops to blend seamlessly with your refrigerator, range, dishwasher and more.”

Advantages: Stainless steel looks gorgeous on any surface. The material comes in a number of different finishes, so you can select one that works well with your overall design. Stainless is very durable and one of the most sanitary materials you can use. Cleanliness and durability are among the top reasons stainless is used in so many professional kitchens.

Disadvantages: Stainless steel isn’t cheap – at least the quality of countertop you’ll want to use.


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