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A blast from the past with none other than Aishwarya Interiors – different house, different kitchen, different design but the same sense of awesomeness. This gorgeous modular kitchen design and kitchen cabinet accessories are perfectly suited for a mid-sized apartment. Minimalistic and contemporary, they have the signature touch of “excellence” that Aishwarya Interiors brings to the table. The use of white makes the kitchen look more spacious while adding a premium touch to it. Kitchen Cabinet Accessories 1

The accessories and fittings inside the kitchen cabinets are premium German fittings from Häfele, which provide tons of functionalities. The boxes in the mid-sized tall unit let you organize your medium-sized storage containers and are also capable of supporting quite a lot of weight. By re-arranging the partitions inside you can even organize your crockery. Kitchen Cabinet Accessories 9 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories 5

The fitting accessory in the tallest cabinet is to hold large sized containers and each rack can sustain a maximum weight of 100 Kgs! At the same time, it is very easy and flexible to use. Kitchen Cabinet Accessories 3 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories 4

There are multitudes of possibilities with these cabinet accessories. With time, their design has evolved to give you maximum functionality and comfort. Schedule a free consultation with our designers to learn more about the various options available. Kitchen Cabinet Accessories 8 Kitchen Cabinet Accessories 11


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