9 Ways to Use Living Room Furniture For Storage

The living room is essentially the first impression of the house on any guest. Keeping it clean and clutter-free is therefore a necessity. You can do this by concealing and organizing your living room necessities. These 9 pieces of furniture will help you do the trick.

Console Cabinet

Conceal storage 1

In an open living room floor plan, consider a console cabinet an essential piece. Position one behind a sofa that “floats” in the middle of a room and you’ll have a spot for lamps to illuminate the seating space, a surface for placing drinks, plus plenty of storage.

Storage Bench

Concealed storage 2

Pack two functions into one with a storage bench. A cushion on top provides a place to sit, while space below can be used for books or bins full of toys, games, or crafts supplies.

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Built ins

Concealed storage 3

Invest in built-ins to give your living room architectural presence as well as an organized appearance. Frame a doorway with shelves, or consider cabinetry around a television.

Nesting tables

concealed storage 4

Nesting tables, usually in sets of two or three, stack together but can be pulled out for extra tabletop surface as needed. They take up less floor space — ideal for small rooms — but still offer room for storage.

Console Table

concealed storage 5

Like its cabinetry cousin, a console table adds storage but provides a different look. Baskets or bins can be lined up beneath for additional storage.


concealed storage 6

Hutches are stylish storage additions for more formal or traditional living rooms. These handsome pieces bring substance to a space while providing plenty of concealed storage for organizing necessities.


concealed storage 7

Coming in a variety of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, storage ottomans are a flexible, smart way to bring organization and function to your living room. The lids lift to reveal a roomy storage compartment ready to store anything from blankets to gaming equipment.

Coffee Table With Drawers

concealed storage 8

Drawers stacked beneath the top of a coffee table can conceal all sorts of items such as board games, remotes, magazines, and more. Since these pieces tend to be a bit more bulky than leggy, open coffee tables, they work best in larger or more open spaces.

Skirted Table

concealed storage 9

Turn a simple table into a storage gold mine with the addition of a skirt. For a DIY version, first cut and hem a piece of fabric to size. Then place hook-and-loop tape around the top edge of the table and attach the skirt. Slide storage bins or carts beneath the table.


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