Color Palette: Pink & Copper

Interior décor and fashion are quite similar. Just like in fashion, interior décor too has its trends – the what’s in and the what’s not. Be it a revolutionary new sofa or a particular style of woodwork that’s making heads turn, compared to the past few years, trends in interior décor has never been more inspiring and innovative.

Of all the trends that we see coming and going in the interior décor industry, color has got to be one of the most significantly influential and what we’re going to talk about today is equally unusual and unique. We all know that the entire look and feel of a home can change depending on the color scheme that we chose for it.

For example, when you’re looking for peace, tranquility and calm, you immediately tend to lean towards colors like blues, whites and greens but the minute you’re looking for life, energy and palpable electricity, you veer towards brighter shades like yellows, oranges and reds.

The best part about using colors in home décor is that you never have to limit yourself to only one. Well, today, we’ll be talking about an unusual color trend –  the color combination of PINK & COPPER!

Now, if you aren’t already sold on it, here’s why pink and copper make such a great pair. While baby pink brings in a soft, soothing touch to the interiors, copper with its jazz lifts up the atmosphere a notch, making them the perfect pair.

1.) Bedroom Affair: This beautiful pink and copper bedroom that will ensure powdery soft dreams at night. copper bedroom

2.) Tiles and Texture: This rustic and bare pink and copper bathroom, that has a touch of the modern along with an old world charm. p&c Bathroom

3.) Live it Up: This pink and copper living room that exemplifies uptown chic. p&c living

4.) Feel Pink: Yet another pink and copper bedroom that is gorgeous beyond words. p&c bedroom 2

5.) Pretty in Pink: This living room that is bathing in the glory of the two colors. p&c living 2

6.) Pale Pink Cabinet: This wonderful pink cupboard dotted with copper accessories on top that brings out a breath-taking vintage-y quality. p&c Cupboard

7.) Copper Lights: Sometimes when you let the colors do the talking, it ends up speaking volumes, just like this mesmerizing pink and copper dining area that is so simply done that it’s absolutely brilliant. p&c dining

8.) Rose Gold Kitchen: One of the reasons why this color combination is such a hot trend, is that there’s something almost ethereal about it. when put together, it seems as if it’s been picked right out of a fairy-tale, just little this quaint little kitchen. p&c kitchen

A harmonious amalgamation of the serenity and spunk, pink and copper is the perfect juxtaposition of light and dark. So, pink and copper anyone?!


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