Stocky Furniture Is Passe, Get Floor Cushions

For any of you who live in small apartments or generally wish for extra space in your home, floor cushions can be a great idea. They make great alternative seating to accommodate extra dinner party guests and they’re perfect for back patio garden parties during the summer. Nowadays every home decor shop offers plenty of options, so we have put together a list of the best ones available online, check them out!

Zabu Coffee Table With Floor Cushions

floor cushions 1

The clean, angular Zabu coffee table gets its pop from the brightly coloured floor cushions. The compact structure is made from mango wood and comes in a warm walnut finish. The two floor cushions fit snugly under the table, so you get a table and seats in minimal footprint. Available at Urban Ladder for Rs. 10999/-


Indya Floor Cushion

floor cushions 2

Made out of cotton, this floor cushion comes with recron polyester filling. It has been adorned with a blue color geometrical pattern, that is designed to provide comfort and ease. Available at Amazon for Rs. 2400/-


Doodle Man Cushion Cover With Filling

floor cushions 3


An ode to the charm of hand-drawn illustrations, the cushions from the Doodleman range bring alive any room they’re in. Pair it with solid coloured carpets, in complementing or contrasting shades. Available at Urban Ladder for Rs. 2499/-


Rocca Velvette Floor Cushion

floor cushions 4

Add oodles of style to your home with these fluffy and comfy looking floor cushion. It is sure to be an eye candy for your living room. Available at Fabfurnish for Rs. 647/-


BackBay Floor Cushion

floor cushions 5

Add a dose of contemporary chic to your bedroom with the Backbay cushion cover’s eclectic geometrics in rich colours. Inspired by Mumbai’s cityscape, this is perfect in twos or fours. Available at Urban Ladder for Rs. 699/-


Tuscan Floor Cushion

floor cushions 6

The Tuscan floor cushion brilliantly blends the elements of both texture and color to craft a truly unique look. It is intricately made in recycledmaterial to add that extra touch of authenticity. Available at Fabque for Rs. 1500/-


Tebrisi Floor Cushion

Floor Cushions 7

The ‘Tebrisi’ floor cushion exemplifies mastery over the patchwork technique. Employing hand-knotted wool, this floor cushion uses a distressed transitional design to communicate high aesthetic standards and reliability of material. Available from the Rug Republic  at Rs 3000/-





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