Palace of the Greek God – Hrithik Roshan

We all have that secret little desire that makes us want to go inside a celebrity’s house just to find out how they live. Do they live like us, normal people or does their living room look like something meant only for the God’s from heaven (yes, even though this does sound a little crazy, you have to admit that we do think of crazy things like this from time to time). Well, for us, all these questions were answered and answered well.

Recently, our resident Bollywood hunk opened up his home to one of the leading magazines, Vogue in the country and we couldn’t help but get inspired by it. Here’s what we at Homefuly found most interesting!

Who are we talking about, why, none other than the Greek God himself, Hrithik Roshan! (ladies, now is when we ask you to keep calm). Not surprisingly, Mr. Mohenjo Daro’s house is as stunning, gorgeous and flawless as he is himself. hrithik roshan home 3 The first thing that you notice about this stud’s house is that everything seems to be where they belong and nothing seems out of place.We often go for the overkill without realizing that over the top is most definitely out of style these days.  In trying to make things as flashy and as outstanding as possible, we sometimes forget that beauty lies simplicity and when we keep things as neat and clean as possible.

The living room is the epicentre of his beach house, where he likes to spend quality time with his family, especially his kids.  hrithik roshan home 2 The whitewashed brick wall, the low couch and the graffiti all in all gives this soave a very playful look. At the end of the day, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, and our Hrithik is anything but dull.  It would be silly to not expect a quirky side to the house and this comes through strongly as he strikes a pose on the gorgeous Dedon hanging lounger in his balcony. hrithik roshan home 4 Additionally, the sprawling den adjoining the living room completely reflects the fun loving side of the actor as you come across Foosball table, a billiards table and a vending machine that dispenses chocolates (yes, our hearts and stomachs did a little flip when we read this as well).  hrithik roshan home 5 hrithik roshan home 6 The room, apart from also acting as the actor’s office where he keeps all his movies and manuscripts, it also is the place where you’ll find life size wall art in the form of graffiti’s and quotes. Fond memories of his family can be found everywhere and can be found on a movable grid in his living room while the rest of the house is dotted with classy and elegant paintings and oil canvases that the actor has collected personally. hrithik roshan home 18
The design and palette of the home is inspired by the sea, and the idea of travel and family and some of the furniture has been brought all the way from Dubai where the actor himself made the expedition. The sea side home has a lot of nautical accents to it, from the driftwood-and-acrylic stools to the delicate corals or the wooden sailboat that he found in Mauritius. hrithik roshan home 9 hrithik roshan home 12 hrithik roshan home 11 When it comes to a colour scheme for this superstar’s home, blue clearly emerges as the most popular choice. It is a colour that represents water, a colour that represents the sky and to an extent a colour that represents our planet, the blue in his house helps facilitate a serene, tranquil and extremely peaceful atmosphere which is perfect for the beach side home. hrithik roshan home 15 hrithik roshan home 14 Hrithik’s home is child friendly and pet friendly, no surprises there, given the amount of time he likes to spend with his sons and his love for pets. And while the all-white bar in the far corner of the living room might give off a ‘bachelor pad’ type vibe, it also exudes a sense of family, togetherness and comfort.   hrithik roshan home 16 A home reflects the kind of person you are, it speaks volumes about your personality and your likes and dislikes – well this man’s house does nothing short of exactly that and as Hrithik himself says, “Building this home was about discovering myself. I wanted to explore what would manifest on the outside if I went by what I felt inside.” hrithik roshan home 19 hrithik roshan home 20

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