10 Paintings To Add An Indian Touch To Your Home

There’s something unbelievably ethereal about a painting, timeless and classic in its traditional beauty, hanging from the wall.

When it comes to decorating homes, one can fall back on several themes. Modern contemporary, Italian, Grecian, Artsy, traditional – but amidst all this, what has become a little hard to find is a home that brings together a harmonious amalgamation of modern-contemporary with an Indian touch. Achieving this theme is not easy! One needs to be very creative, careful and enterprising with regards to design, décor, colour and accessories. But we’re here to give you a “cheat-code”, if you may call it, on how to add an Indian touch to your home decor.

A wonderful way to add the Indian connect to your décor is by having traditional paintings in your contemporary home. You can even have one bold statement artefact in your living room, like a sculpture, or a showpiece. You could go for the quintessential painting of a woman in red looking somewhere far through her dark charcoal eyes holding her dupatta draped over her, or a man wearing a turban riding on his bullock cart, on his way to work, or even a picture of Gautam Buddha in his eternal state of enlightenment under the Bodhi tree.

However, procuring such intricate paintings can be a bit of a challenge which is why, we at Homefuly, have decided to curate a quick shopping list for you.

  1. These beautiful cave art paintings that will remind you of ancient history – Flipkart.com Indian Painting 1
  2. This illuminating painting of the face of Gautam Buddha – Fabfurnish.com Indian Painting 2
  3. This beautiful maiden with a peacock – Fabfurnish.com Indian Painting 3
  4. This gorgeously bright painting of Radha and Krishna which is both quintessentially Indian and equally vibrant – Fizdi.com Indian Painting 4
  5. This life like picture of a man in his trade bent over a luminescent fire, which is so real that you can almost touch it – Mojarto.com Indian Painting 5
  6. This absolutely gorgeous, abstract rendition of Lord Krishna which will add a touch of the traditional without losing out on the contemporary – Fizdi.com Indian Painting 6
  7. This technicoloured three pane mural of Lord Ganesha that people won’t stop looking at – Amazon.in Indian Painting 7
  8. This other rendition of the Buddha – Mebelkart.com[block]14[/block]
  9. This delicate painting of a village girl with her terracotta pots – Mebelkart.com[block]16[/block]
  10. And of course, he quintessential woman with a saree and a red kumkum, but with a twist – Mojarto.com Indian Painting 10

So, the next time you’re thinking of adding that Indian touch to your home décor, you know where to go!


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