Monsoon Hacks For Your Home

Monsoons – one of the most awaited seasons of the year –  The trees and the grass become greener, the Earth starts smelling sweeter taking us back to fond childhood memories, the sky get draped in the most beautiful tints and hues which gives it a life of its own and all around there is a general feeling of peace, calm and happiness.

However, monsoon brings along with it, its own share of challenges one of the greatest one being the upkeep of your home. But worry not, with this comprehensive and super easy monsoon hacks guide, you’ll be able to enjoy the showers to the fullest –

1.) Prepare your walls and windows. Ask a professional to come in and fill in all the crevices with plaster of Paris so that you can avoid any seepage through the cracks, so that when the rains come in you’ll be able to enjoy them to the fullest without having to run for a mop or a bucket every time there’s a downpour.



 2.) Let there be light. During the monsoons, the amount of light that filters into the house gets reduced due to the overcast sky and the heavy cloud cover, quite opposite to the situation that one faces during the bright and sunny summer months. Which is why it makes sense to do away with all your heavy summery drapes that are meant to keep the house cool with more delicate monsoon drapes that are usually made of lace, which allows whatever little light there is to filter in.

Let there be light

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3.) Importance of ventilation. One of the biggest mistakes that you can make during the monsoon seasons is ignoring the importance of ventilation. The worst thing you can do this season is to keep your windows shut at all times during the rains as a lack of ventilation results in a damp and dank atmosphere in the home which is rather unpleasant. During the monsoons, open up your windows and doors whenever it isn’t raining to allow fresh air to get rid of all the humidity and wetness that brings out the bad bacteria and smells.


4.) Keep the plants outside. Lot of us have plants inside our home as decoration, and why not, they make for amazing home décor items while bringing in a sense of peace and tranquility. However, during the monsoons, it is best to keep all the greenery inside your home, outside. The main reason for this being the rain brings out all the little creepy crawlies from their nooks and crannies and their favorite place to live once they’re out, happens to be in your plants! So when it starts raining, it’s best to keep them outside the house (in your balcony or the garden) where they can enjoy the showers without bringing in any unwanted guests into the house.


5.) The Spice Route. One of the biggest drawbacks of the rainy season is that it makes our wardrobe musty and dank. The lack of sunlight and the excessive showers also facilities the growth of mold and fungus in our clothes that are kept away in the closet without any sunlight or air. Remember the spices that are resting comfortably in your kitchen, well, they are what’s going to save you right now. Camphor, neem leaves and cloves are your clothes’ best friends when the rains come knocking. Camphor acts like a sponge to the moisture keeping your clothes dry, neem keeps the silverfish at bay and cloves combat various insects while spreading a warm fragrance.


6.) Sandpaper your doors and windows. Another very annoying thing that happens during the rainy season is your doors and windows (basically, things made out of wood) stops opening and closing properly. This is primarily because of the fact that the wood absorbs all the extra moisture from the rains and starts swelling to twice its size which basically results in a nightmare. The best way to deal with this is by keeping a big bunch of sandpaper in your house and shaving off the extra from all the wooden frames once in a while. By doing this, they’ll fit back into their frames easily and you won’t have to break your head over replacing them.


7.) Safeguard your furniture.Monsoon time is when you really need to look after your furniture at home. During this season, your furniture needs regular polishing and waxing for not only to keep up its lustre and shine, but also to prevent humidity build-up and subsequent termite infestation. For wrought iron furniture you could go with a coat of anti-rust paint, while for the rest you could try non-scented hair oil to avoid rust and fungus formation.


8.) Bright and Bold. Last but not the least, monsoon is the time to bid adieu to all the soft pastel shades and embrace bright and bold colours. Colours like red, orange and yellow are perfect for the season as they bring in a whole lot of warmth and brightness. It not only uplifts the interiors of your home, but does wonders for your mood as well.

bright and bold

When the monsoon season hits, the world almost gets transferred overnight. While things appear a little dull and lack lustre, with the right kind of preventive measures and attitude, you can truly turn the season into the miracle.



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