Beautiful Pooja room door designs (Pooja room vastu Photos)

Interior designing is not only about how pretty and posh everything looks, it’s about what it inspires you to do. When it comes to interior designs, we always talk living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, master bedrooms, etc., but amidst all of this, we very conveniently forget about one of the most integral units that reside within an Indian home – the Pooja room door designs.



Modern day Pooja room doors are definitely in demand these days. With devotion playing a crucial part in every Indian family, well designed Puja units within a home is more of a necessity than a side thought. From compact to spacious, from simple to ornate, from old age charm to contemporary modern designs, home owners have started including pooja room doors as an essential part of the interior decor.

However, the challenge remains that not too many interior decor firms have the expertise or the perspective that’s wide enough to include innovatively designed Puja units within their portfolio. But worry not, because we are here to suggest the very best.

Bonito Designs, a reputed design firm from Bangalore is all about creating elegant and aesthetic interior decor. They function on the principle that the space that they create should ideally evoke positive energy and enthusiasm. Following centuries old guidelines of Feng-Shui and Vaastu, Bonito believes that decor depends primarily on perspective.

What’s so great about Bonito Designs is that while they don’t overwhelm you with all there is to know about interiors; instead, they listen and understand and give you valuable feedback and suggestions.


Best Pooja room door designs from Bonito Designs

Experts at creating homes that are high on both aesthetic and functional value, Bonito also excels in creating mind-blowing, beautiful pooja room door units for your home. Too good to be true? why don’t you have a look for yourself!

1. Pooja Room Door Design Tips: Instead of going for a separate room altogether, opt for a wooden Puja unit made out of the choicest wood which can be built and incorporated within the living room itself. It looks great while saving space. You could even decorate it by hanging oil lamps and flowers to give it a bit of colour. apartment pooja unit: Pooja Room Door Designs with vastu

2. Pooja Room Door Designs – Cabinet: Artistically designed cabinetry can also make for a great pooja room door designs. For example, this cabinet that takes up an entire section of your home (it could be in the living room or in another part of the house altogether) is classy, elegant and makes for a great modern Pooja room vastu that has its own privacy. crockery furniture designs: Pooja Room Door Designs with vastu

3. Pooja Room Door Designs – Glass: Sometimes all you need is a little place away from all the chaos of the rest of the home and this private little room tucked away neatly in the corner fits the bill perfectly. Its compact size along with the beautiful stained glass work along the door and the walls makes it the safe haven it is meant to be. Dining_falseceiling_designs

4. Pooja Room Door Designs – Apartment: This artistic and modern Pooja room Vastu that is perfect for a modern apartment. Simple and minimalistic, the design stands for the fact that less is more. The atmosphere lends itself to spirituality while the simple design keeps things from getting too cluttered. living to kitchen bangalore lighting concept: Pooja Room Door Designs with vastu

5. Simple and sufficient, great shelving and cabinetry make for a lovely Pooja room. Modular_pooja_unit

6. This modular cabinet made up of dark wood is probably one of the best ways to create a modern Pooja room doors. Not only does it complement the decor of the rest of the room, but the cupboard provides ample space for keeping your idols safe and secure, ensuring that you don’t have to skimp on any of the essentials. Modular pooja unit bangalore - Pooja Room Door Designs with vastu

7. Sometimes, all one needs is the perfect corner, like this quaint little Pooja room door designs that have been set up in one corner of the living room. All you need is a slab of marble or granite, a pretty little shrine for the idols and a whole lot of love and devotion in your hearts. partition-in-living

8. We’ve saved one of the best for last. constructed out of white marble and glass doors, this modern pooja unit exemplifies the tranquil beauty that one associates with spirituality. The build-in shelves are the perfect for placing idols and photos of gods and goddesses.

Pooja unit designs: Pooja Room Door Designs with vastu

Versatility, out of the box thinking and a sense of style that beats everything else, you can rest assured that with pooja room door designs by Bonito design you will get what you want.


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