The Best Of Red Living Rooms

The colour red has several significant meanings. The first thing you think of when you see red are warmth and positive energy. Vibrant, pulsating and full of life, red is a colour that is associated with our most physical needs and our will to survive.

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While some may associate the colour red with anger, agitation and irritation, the truth of the matter is that the positive qualities of the colour outweighs the negative any day. As a matter of fact, in China red is considered to be a colour that symbolizes prosperity and good luck as well.

It is this infectious energy, excitement and emotions that make red a very popular colour in interior décor and what other place to show it off other than the living room. Because red raises the energy levels within a room to quite a significant amount, it is perfect for the living room as it causes a lot of excitement and brings in a lot of life to any kind of gathering that you might have there. The colour draws people together and stimulates conversation and accompanied by the right kind of lighting it can look rich, elegant and incredibly classy as well.

To drive our love for the colour home, here are five fabulously red living room design ideas that can inspire you to go red.

1. The secret to taming a red room is by accompanying it with muted or neutral colours. White or off white are two complementary colours that go very well with red and helps balance the look and feel of the room. red living room interior design 1

2. Because red is such a powerful colour, while using it to design your living room, it need not be the most dominant colour in the room. For example, this lovely and lively living room which showcases red only in certain key accessories to keep things classy and elegant all the way. red living room interior design 2

3. Very few colours have the ability of initiating warmth as the colour red does, which is why it’s so apt for the living room. If you notice, the couch in this living room is so welcoming and warm that it instantly draws people towards it. red living room interior design 3

4. Maintaining a harmonious balance between all the elements in your living room is essential. This beautifully balanced living room with only one wall painted red along with cleverly placed accessories really brings out the colour without making it too overbearing. red living room interior design 4

5. Last but not the least, painting the town red, or in this case the living room and going all out can work sometimes if you have a good interior decorator guiding you down the right path. red living room interior design 5


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