Modular Tv Showcase Designs for hall, Pictures and Decoration Ideas

Entertainment plays a very important part in all of our lives, which is probably why the entertainment section in our homes is one of the most important and central part of the living room.

Usually, the epicentre of an entertainment unit comprises a television set, a TV cabinet showcase design with other paraphernalia surrounding it. But no matter whatever else we include, the TV and the TV cabinet remains as the centre piece and given that all eyes immediately go over there, it is up to us that we make it as striking and eye catching as possible.

Earlier there were limited options when it came to picking a good looking TV showcase designs. Today, fortunately, we are completely spoilt for choice. We have sleek ones, quirky ones; modern ones and unusual ones; we have ones with a variety of layouts and we have ones with multiple styling options.

From symmetric to asymmetric, from floating cabinets to sturdy structures, TV showcase designs today have become more than just a piece of furniture that we buy while furnishing our homes, they have become an essential piece craftsmanship which both functional and aesthetic value.

To establish what we’re saying, we’ve put together some of the most fashionable and stylish modular TV showcase designs for hall / living room that you could have in your home.

Best TV Showcase Designs for Hall – Tips

TV Unit Design 1

We have also taken the liberty of listing down some of what we think are essential tips and tricks you must keep in mind while picking/designing a the perfect modular TV showcase home design.

TV showcase designs Tip 1: The safest bet while picking a modular TV design is going for a console. But just because it’s the safest doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Decorate it with some funky accessories or place it against a patterned one and you’ve got yourself a winner. TV Unit Design 8


TV showcase designs Tip 2: Design your TV cabinet in such a way that it complements the decor of the rest of your room. If it’s quirky then go for a one with cool lights and patterns if it’s classy and elegant then go for a simple yet fantastic one carved out of wood.

TV Unit Design 8

TV showcase designs Tip 3: Lighting and ambiance is very important for your modular TV home design, put the two together and it could change the entire look and feel of the room. You could opt for standing lamps, ceiling lights or fancy ones as well. TV Unit Design 12

TV showcase designs Tip 4: Consider getting a multi-functional one that can double up as extra storage space. TV Unit Design 7

TV showcase designs Tip 5: A TV unit need not always be cumbersome, mount your TV on the wall and adorn it with a unit that resembles a frame. You can make this as ornate or as simple as you want. TV Unit Design 13

TV showcase designs Tip 6: One of the latest trends for putting together an amazing modular TV home design is complementing it with some funky LED lighting. Be it on the ceiling, the walls around it or within the unit itself, LED lighting truly transforms the way your TV cabinet looks. TV Unit Design 15

TV showcase designs Tip 7: Though being grounded is a good thing, flying high is not too bad either, which is why elevated TV cabinets makes it to this list of recommendations. living room with wood 5

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TV showcase designs Tip 8: Sometimes, the need for an actual cabinet is not required and here’s where you can improvise and get as creative as you want. Design your wall however you want, you could have exposed bricks, quirky patterns, funky wallpapers the works and then mount your TV on it with a small shelf at the bottom and you’ve got yourself a contemporary TV unit.

TV Unit Design 10

TV showcase designs Tip 9: Old is gold and wood is classy. Not many things are as beautiful as hand crafted wooden modular TV design and even though we are always looking to “think outside the box” thinking inside one and going for something that has been tried and tested works best – just like a classic wooden TV cabinet with shelving. TV Unit Design 2

TV showcase designs Tip 10: Keep things as sleek as possible because chunky is no more in demand. TV Unit Design 3

So what’re you waiting for, let the entertainment begin!

Modern TV Showcase Designs Collection

TV Unit Design 6 TV Unit Design 5 TV Unit Design 4 TV Unit Design 9 TV Unit Design 11 TV Unit Design 14 TV Unit Design 16


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