Beautiful Wall Partition Design Ideas for Your Home

Wall partitions or room dividers are perhaps one of the most understated elements inside a home. Usually, home owners see wall partition design and divider as an unnecessary addition that takes up space and makes the entire room look cluttered. But on the contrary, we are here to tell you that they are in fact beautiful and a crucial addition, especially if you are looking to make multiple use of one large space.

Room dividers and wall partitions are very versatile and there are many ways to use them to create or enhance your space. for example, you can split your living room into formal and informal, you can bring in a partition between your kitchen and dining area and you can even include a partition inside your bedroom for privacy. Wall partitions make an amazing accessory as well. Ironically when you think of wall partitions, you immediately visualise a large slab that is not very aesthetically pleasing. However, wall partition design comes in various shapes, sizes and layouts. And just so that you get an idea of what we are exactly talking about check out these wall partition designs from Bonito Designs’ Portfolio:

Here are some incredible Wall Partition Design samples that you can take inspiration from

  • Beautiful partition wall designs between living and dining room can be made interesting by thinking out of the box and opting for designs that can be flaunted. Like beautiful patterns on glass or even iron, or a divider that in itself works as a show piece – couple this with some great lighting and you’ve got yourself a element that everyone will be envious about. Wall Partition Design 1 Wall Partition Design 14
    Wall Partition Design 2
  • Room dividers and partitions is another area where you can show your creativity on overdrive. Combine the spaciousness of an open floor plan with the order and function of defined rooms by using creative transitional elements and room dividers. Instead of the usual boring slab of wood try going for one that plays around a little bit more with shapes and designs. Partitions with geometric designs and patterns are very popular as they add a lot of character to the space. You could even opt for a clear room divider which allows light to travel into your divided space. Wall Partition Design 13 Wall Partition Design 9 Wall Partition Design 6 Wall Partition Design 3 Wall Partition Design 4 Wall Partition Design 5
  • Partition walls with a dual purpose. Why settle for one when you can easily combine two Partition walls which can very beautifully double up as decorative shelves or even book cases that can change the look and feel of chosen space entirely. Wall Partition Design 12 Wall Partition Design 11

Wall partitions are slowly becoming one of the biggest modern home decor ideas and trends, so if you have been thinking twice about getting a wall partition or a room divider for your home, then think no more because why fall behind when you can get ahead of the game!



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