What To Hang On Your Wall Besides Paintings!

We all have that one wall at home which we don’t know what to do with. How do we decorate it? What would look best? Is it too wide? Is it too narrow? How can I make it look unique? – usually these are the questions that crop up in our minds when we sit and have a think about that one lonesome wall. And the answer to these questions usually is paintings. Empty wall means paintings. Cliched right? Well we’ve decided to make your life a little simpler and a whole lot more fun! Here’s presenting a few awesome alternatives to how you can make your wall stand out WITHOUT using paintings to decorate them!

1. A great way to decorate a piece of wall is by using ornamental mirrors instead of paintings. Mirrors come in various shapes and sizes, all you have to do is to pick what style would go with the décor of the room. floor mirror india

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2. Now this option might sound very boring and ordinary to you, but trust us, if you think outside the box, it works wonders. Coming up in the number two position are clocks. Yes, clocks!! Now, we’re not talking about the boring, plain ones at all – oh no! we’re asking you to think of ones that are unique, quirky and unorthodox in nature. The best part is that nowadays, there are so many great options for wall clocks that come different shapes and sizes, that you’ll be spoilt for choice. Decorating your wall with statement timepiece or an array of clocks serves two purposes – one that is functional and superior in aesthetica. With clocks, you can’t get much better than function and design incorporated in one piece!  designer wall clock


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3. When you’re talking about décor you can’t really leave out a great DIY piece, which is exactly what our third suggestion takes us to. All you need for this one are a couple of plates (actually you can pick any number that you’re comfortable with, but preferably ones without any patterns on them), some acrylic paint, all the members of the family, some creativity, some imagination and lots of room for fun! Once you have the plates and the paints, you just need to sit down and start using the plates as an empty canvas. The best part is that there’s no fixed design, no theme, no particular set of colours – you can take them and make them your own. In fact, try gathering all the members of the family and giving them one plate each to paint. Once you’re done adding some colour to them, all you need to do is mount them on the wall and voila, you’ve got yourself a DIY gallery! It will bring in a creative, fun and personal touch to the room which no one will get enough of!  wall decor with plates

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4. This particular idea might just become the one that’s closest to your heart. Instead of hanging paintings from the wall, try framing some of your mothers or grandmothers old crochet work and hanging them up. Decorative embroidery hoops and timeless crochet pieces have become very popular in home décor of late. Probably because each of them is so unique to the other and more so because it has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. Creative and colourful, they make a great addition to the overall décor of the room. Embroidery-Hoop-DIY-2 Embroidery-Hoop-DIY

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5. Last but not the least, who said you HAVE to hang something from the wall to make it look amazing? why not try doing something really cool by just using colours? Think bright patterns, unique designs and uncommon themes with which you can do up your wall instead of going old school and hanging something from it. One really cool way of doing this is by colour blocking the section of the wall to make it stand out.  block painting on wall

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So what are you waiting for, it’s time to decorate!



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