10 Best Kept Secrets Of Interior Design

Every trade has it’s set of best kept secrets. Secrets that make it unique, secrets that make it desirable, secrets that make your life easy and secrets that everybody wants to have! Here are some of interior décor’s best kept secrets that are bound to take the look of your home to another level. The best part about these tips is that they are super easy, extremely convenient and will transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary!

Tip 1: Play Vertical

You can fake height with low strung furniture, the trick is to play the vertical and avoid the horizontal, especially if you have a space crunch. home interior tips 1


Source – Housebeautiful.com

Tip 2: Colour your window trims

Looking for a little bit of colour without making it too overwhelming? One way to do this is by giving your window trims / ledges a bright colour makeover. Window trims remain very understated when it comes to making a statement. By painting only, the trims, you’ll be bringing in the hint of brightness without making it seem to jarring. home interior tips 2

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Tip 3: Add mirrors to bring in warmth

Looking for some warmth in your room? The answer to your question is mirrors. Accessorise rooms with mirrors to bring in that touch of warmth. Additionally, mirrors are also very helpful when it comes to creating the illusion of space and works wonders in making a small room look much larger than it is. home interior tips 3

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Tip 4: Neutral Color with Rich Textures

Neutral colours can be a very interesting colour choice for your home but we often shy away from it because of the possibility of it looking too dull. However, if you pair your neutral colour palette with a lot of different textures (think velvet, fine gauge, raw silk, linen, etc.), you’ll see a whole new side to it. The matte and the sheen juxtaposed together helps absorb light and lustrous sheen that reflect it. home interior tips 4

Source – Housebeautiful.com

Tip 5: Bedroom in Blue

One of the best colours to do up your bedroom in is blue because it has a calming and soothing effect on your nerves and the bedroom is a place where you go to relax at the end of a tiring day. home interior tips 5


Source – Pinterest.com

Tip 6: Living Room in Red or Orange

When it comes to the living room, reds and oranges work great because they give out a lot of energy and warmth, which is just what you need in a room where you’re looking to spend some great time hanging out with family and friends. home interior tips 6 Source – Pinterest.com

Tip 7: Fix some hooks

Optimize your storage space by using the space provided by empty walls and the insides of cupboard doors. Just fix some hooks and you’ll find that you suddenly have space to store all your scarves and belts (in case of your wardrobe), your pots, pans and ladles (in case of the kitchen), your sling bags (in case of the wardrobe) and a whole lot more!  home interior tips 7


Tip 8: Accessorize

Sometimes when you don’t have the money to buy art, don’t fret, just use accessories instead! home interior tips 8

Source – Buzzfeed.com

Tip 9: Mix and Match

When you’re decorating your home, you need not match everything. In fact, the new trend that’s catching on is mix and match. Different types of furniture put together in one place, odds and ends as accessories, uncoordinated linen and the works it really helps bring in a touch of uniqueness to your home. home interior tips 9

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Tip 10: Show your uniqueness

The best part about interior décor is how you can make it as personal as possible and this can be brought about by allowing your character and personality to show through your décor choices. Life’s nothing without a little whimsy. Embrace your quirks and let the world know what makes you unique. home interior tips 10

Source – Pinterest.com


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