Colours of 2017 in Home Décor

Colours speak a thousand words. Essential in creating mood, the right atmosphere and kindling emotions, if you’re thinking of doing up your home, then colours are not only important, they’re indispensable. Every year, the industry picks out hues, shades and tones which are likely to be big that particular year. Here are 2017 favourite picks for colour in home décor.


One of the biggest colour trends of this year, rest assured that copper in home décor is going to have more than its share of fifteen minutes of fame when it comes to home décor. Perfect when paired with neutral and earthy tones, including copper in your home is what will take it from ordinary to extra ordinary.

colour home decor inspiration copper

Dark Green

2017 will see a lot of things that will associate itself with green. From eco-friendly homes to ways that you can make your living space sustainable, ‘go green’ will be the mantra that everyone will embrace. So is the same with colour. Dark, rich, opulent and intoxicating, this shade of dark green will find itself in every home in more than one way. So, this year, don’t think twice, go green!

colour home decor inspiration theme trend dark-green

Powder Pink

There are some shades that make you feel happy without even having to try too hard, powder pink is one of them, so it’s not much of a surprise that this baby hue makes it to the list of one of the most sought after colours in home décor for the year. Creating the perfect balance, powder pink is great when used with bright or metallic tones as it gives the overall look just the right kind of harmony that we’re all in search of.

colour home decor inspiration theme trend hue powder-pink

Jewel Tones

If fashion has taught us anything is that moody tones are having a major moment in the industry. Big, bold, vivacious and bursting with life, jewel tones is definitely something that we all need to look out for this season. While it may seem a little ambitious to many, the truth is that this colour palette is very easy to incorporate into your homes, if you balance it right and complement it with the right colours. We’ve seen it outside and now it’s time to bring this colour trend into our homes.

colour home decor inspiration theme trend hue jewel tones

Classic White

Some things never go out of style and just like trends in other industries; there are some colour trends in home décor that no one ever seems to get tired off. If you’ve not guessed it already, we’re talking about white. Classic, elegant and full of lustre, when you use white to do up your home you play with both nostalgia and stability, always resulting in something resplendent.

colour home decor inspiration theme trend hue white classic elegant


There’s never only black and white, there’s always something grey in the between. Well, while this may hold true for life, we’re not too sure about home décor! Monochromes are back and that too with a bang. Having gone a full circle, this wonderful combination of black and white always lives up to its expectations and never fails to enthral. Whether it’s in the bedroom or the living room, if you’re looking for a chic and stylish look, then monochrome is for you.

colour home decor inspiration theme trend hue monochrome


Last but not the least, if you like spring, summer, colour, flowers, bright hues and prints, then this particular colour trend is made just for you. As the same suggests, florabundant, primarily gets its inspiration from rich floral hues. Taking cues from the dazzling colours of spring and summer, this palette comprises colours like bright pink, yellow, various shades of green, magenta, purple and red. If you’re looking to light up your house, then this tone will surely not disappoint you.

colour home decor inspiration theme trend hue floral

As Vincent Van Gogh once said – ‘One can speak poetry by just arranging colours well.’ This year, make your home the most beautiful piece of poetry anyone has ever written!


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