How to Incorporate Copper in Your Home Decor

Incorporating a colour seamlessly into home decor can be a tricky affair. Easy to overdo and difficult to find the right balance, playing around with colour in home decor is a skill that not many can master and when you put in a tricky shade like copper, you’ve got yourself quite the challenge. However, based on the decor forecast for the year, copper is big and it’s here to stay, so why not set aside our doubts and meet this challenge head on! With our guide on how to incorporate copper in your home decor, we guarantee that you’ll get it spot on, every time!

Don’t be afraid to make bold decisions with copper, in fact, sometimes the bigger you go, the better it is. Just like this unique copper‘plank wall’that the home owners have included in their bedroom. Just one point of caution, remember to tone down its effect by juxtaposing it with soothing, calm hues like white and off-white as it creates a much needed sense of balance.

copper colour home decor


One of the best places to incorporate copper is the kitchen. Copper in the kitchen is very natural and helps bring an ethnically rustic and traditional feel into the heart of the home. From utensils to cutlery, from the kitchen sink to fixtures, from shelves to cabinets, copper can be anywhere and everywhere you chose to imagine.

copper home decor kitchen

Just like vanilla ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce, copper and lamps is a match made in heaven. Be it hanging or table side, be it little lamps or large, sprawling chandeliers, copper when infused with the magic of light manages to transport the entire look of a room from ordinary to extraordinary.

copper lamp light home decor interior

Copper is great for accessories in and around the house. Be it in the living room or in the bedroom, a hint of copper can really give any part of the house a face lift. The thing to remember, however, when you begin to incorporate copper as a part of the accessories in the house is that less is always more. The trick is not to overwhelm or overdo, instead, tease the senses into suddenly coming across the completely unexpected!

copper interior home decor living-room bedroom

We’ve saved a really bold one for the very end. Remember how you’re always looking for something to cover up the awkward blank space in your bedroom or the living wall and you just can’t think of the right fit for it? Enter, metallic copper wallpapers. Basically like jewellery for your walls, if you’re looking to jazz up your living space, then this is definitely one of the routes you should take. While we admit that this may not be for everybody, but what’s life without a little bit of risk, right!

copper wall art living-room decor home

Here’s to a copper-ific home, that not only reflects the shine without, but the shine within as well!


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