A Home That Tells A Story

~ Contemporary and Modern Interior Design For The Modern Home~

Designing a home is like painting a picture, like narrating the most beautiful story there ever was. You start with an empty canvas and then use your imagination and creativity to paint the most captivating picture that there ever was. The best part of this entire process is that it’s your masterpiece. You get to choose the colours, the design, what goes in, what you leave out, what gets emphasized and what becomes your masterpiece. But every artist needs the best tools and the best equipment to make sure that this picture that he or she is painting turns out to be absolutely flawless.

In this case, dear home-owners, you are the artist and the interior decor expert is the perfect tool and this story that is unfolding before you is one of the finest you have ever seen yet. modern interior design 17

Back with a bang is none other than one of Homefuly’s favourite Interior Designer – Talminder Kaur. modern interior design 16

From the bedroom to the living room, from the kitchen to the dining area,  from the study to the lounge, each and every room is unique in its own way and while they all narrate a different story it comes together like a perfectly positioned puzzle. modern interior design 1

The place is designed in such a way that it lives up to the promise of being gorgeous as well as functionally optimal. The interiors of each room, from the lighting to the colour palette, are all well thought out, carefully configured and designed to accommodate multiple functions. modern interior design 2 modern interior design 3

The beauty of this masterpiece lies in the fact that each room seems seamlessly connected to the other. Everything is designed with such finesse that moving from one room to the other seems like moving through the pages of a book – all you have to do is flip and you fall into the next one without any hiccups. As the plot thickens, the interiors display a perfect marriage between  formal elegance with casual comfort.
modern interior design 8 modern interior design 5 modern interior design 4

The rooms gradually move from warm, pastel, earthy and neutral shades which help keep the overall atmosphere restful and relaxing to bright, vibrant shades that help uplift your mood. The lighting of each room does its bit as well to keep things interesting. As the plot takes twists and turn, in through every room and coherently out to the other, the lighting ensures that the story does not falter in terms of beauty, grace and adventure. modern interior design 9 modern interior design 10 modern interior design 13 modern interior design 14 modern interior design 15

The kitchen with its functional layout, ample storage space and beautiful wooden cabinetry is truly a class apart; The bedroom with its simplistic design, wooden cabinetry and tasteful accessories is a place that we know you would like to go back to at the end of a tiring day. modern interior design 12 modern interior design 19

As the narration of this beautiful home charters a unique path for itself, uncommon elements such as off-beat wall patterns, patterned cabinetry & woodwork and radically painted walls helps break the monotony of the space without causing a lot of disruption. modern interior design 7 modern interior design 6

Ultimately, what sets this home apart from the rest is the intricate detailing and in-depth understanding of what the home owners want. As every design in each room incorporates the home owner’s individual personality and material choices it also epitomizes the harmonious amalgamation of the designers own thought process and creativity. modern interior design 18

So, what’s your story?


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