New Ways To Use Your Old Things In Home Décor

Imagine if we threw away everything that was old?

One of the thumb-rules of smart interior décor is to always re-purpose and never throw away things that seem old and out of place. Off late, re-purposing objects that seem like a useless piece of junk, has become a trend. Celebrating the rustic and vintage nature of old household items has a charm of its own. Therefore, in the spirit of celebrating classic pieces that have stood the test of time, here are a few cool ways you can re-purpose:

1. Wine Bottles as Textured Home Decor Items

The next time you’re looking for adding some texture and a unique touch to your home décor, try wrapping empty wine bottle, jam jars, mason jars in jute and different coloured yarns. New Home Decor 1

2. Wine Corks as Decorative Pieces

It’s not just the wine bottle that can be put to use, wine bottle corks also make for great utility and decorating items. You can glue them together and use them as a coaster or a little canvas that you can fill in with your artistic skills or even fashion a creative and quirky decoration piece with it. So, the next time you find a bag of opened wine bottle corks, instead of throwing them away, re-purpose them into something unique. New Home Decor 2

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3. Hangers as Jewelry Holder

We all have that one lone hanger lying in some corner of our cupboard, that we don’t know what to do with. Well, the next time you see this specimen lurking around, grab a hold of it and re-purpose it into a jewelry holder. All you have to do is polish it up a little bit (or not, if you like the rustic, old look), find a spot on the wall where it looks good and hang all your jewelry from it. New Home Decor 3

4. Plastic Bins as  Storage Units

Instead of throwing out plastic bins that show some wear and tear, take them and turn into something beautiful that can be equally enjoyed by you and your little one. One great idea for an old plastic bin is to give it a slight makeover and turn it into a toy box, if your bin has wheels attached to it, even better! New Home Decor 5

5. Tin Cans for you Herb Garden

This one’s really cool! Remember all those empty tins and cans that you have left over after you finish consuming whatever’s inside it, well, they’re absolutely spot on when it comes to up-cycling. Reuse all old tins and cans to make yourself a gorgeous mini herb garden for your kitchen. Quaint and super cute, the herb garden will not only add a lot of life and love to the heart of your home, but you’ll not have to run to the supermarket at the drop of a hat anymore! New Home Decor 4


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