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~When you’re practical, everything tends to fall in place~

People who are practical and like to take practical decisions are usually type-casted into ones who don’t like to have fun, are too stuck up, can’t get down from their high horses and so on. However, practical home interior design has a charm of its own and we are here today to prove to you exactly that. practical home interiors 3

Today’s story is about one such “practical project” located in JP Nagar 6th phase near Sarakki signal, in an apartment complex named GR Pinnacle, home of two extremely practical people Gail and Nigel. Professionals in private firms as software engineers, the first thing we noticed about both Gail and Nigel, was a harmonious amalgamation of the traditional and modern in their personalities. Both extremely practical in their outlook, this power couple was absolutely sure from the get go on how they wanted their home to look like. practical home interiors 18

So, when our designer, Juanita, first went to their apartment the concept of the design motif, space structure and form analysis was quite straight forward. practical home interiors 18 From the very beginning Gail and Nigel were more keen on having a practical design than a fancy one. To them what mattered the most was storage space and a lot of it, which is one of the main advantages of having practical home décor. Sometimes, it’s all about adding or displaying certain element rather than showcasing everything all at once. practical home interiors 15 One of the things that the couple wanted Juanita to incorporate into the design was curved edges rather than sharp ones you can see that it has been executed to full justice.

Minimalism and how it is a key to a well decorated home is something that we hear very often these days. We often go for the overkill without realizing that over the top might not be the best option. In trying to make things as flashy and as outstanding as possible, we sometimes forget that beauty lies in simplicity and when we keep things as neat and clean as possible. This philosophy of minimalism is what Juanita followed while making Gail and Nigel’s house into a home. From the kitchen to the dining area, from the bedroom to the living room, the décor exemplifies simplicity and minimalism at its best with a lot of free space that allows ease in mobility. practical home interiors 2 practical home interiors 4 practical home interiors 1 practical home interiors 11 practical home interiors 7

The best part about the home is that despite the simplicity there are plenty of surprise elements involved, one of the most unique ones being a bar unit residing inside the crockery unit that is not visible at all from the outside.

With respect to the colour palette of the home, Gail and Nigel was very clear that apart from the kitchen they wanted the entire house to be done up with a combination of earthy and neutral shades in order to give it a wooden finish. Colour plays a very important role in home décor, it fact, it is one of the quickest ways with which you can create an instant change in a room. Nigel and Gail’s choice of colour for their house was a carefully thought out one, one which would go perfectly with look and feel they were looking to crate with the interiors. Among other things lighting and accessorizing were done keeping in mind the overall theme of the house and care was taken to make sure that the lighting chosen optimized the décor and that nothing looked out of place. practical home interiors 8 practical home interiors 9

The couples stress upon functionality over aesthetics was a refreshing change. At the end of the day, space these days is considered to be a luxury, and rightly so, but with Juanita’s experience and unique implementation of ideas, Gail and Nigel’s house soon shaped up to be everything that the couple wanted. practical home interiors 10 practical home interiors 17


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