6 Creative Ways To Reuse A Vintage Saree For Home Decor

Soft silks, cool cottons and sheer chiffons, all these beautiful fabrics that you once wrapped around yourself take a back seat in your closet once the prints fade and trends change. But we’d totally understand, if you cannot part with your precious sarees. After all, you have so many memories in them and spent a small fortune on them too. So why not reuse these fabrics to decorate your home instead? Here are 5 unbelievable ways you can reuse your vintage sarees and put them to good use.

1. Turn your old saris into curtains that will match the decor of your room


2. Use free-flowing fabrics to make fancy bed canopies that add that ethnic touch


3. This one is the simplest. Just spread an embroidered Sari on the dinner table when you have guests over to give it a fancy makeover.



4. And if you’ve got an empty wall and a fancy sari, make a creative wall frame to match your room.


5. If you are into matching sets, then use an embroidered sari along with matching extra fabric to make cordinating bed covers, cushion covers and bed sheets.



6. Select contrasting saris and stitch them into colourful cushion covers that will match your decor. saree6




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