Skylite – A Home Design Story

A home design is made up of more than just furniture’s and accessories, it’s made up of happiness and joy and the people living in it. home design 2

Today’s story is about a family who chose to design their home with a lot of love and a lot of life. Chandrashekhar and his family epitomize happiness and content to the truest form of the words and the best thing is that their simple and loving nature shines right through to the décor of their home. However, as in every case, this project too required some thought, analysis and understanding before it could all come together. home design 25

The first thing our designer from Homefuly did was to understand the space. Understanding the space structure of your home is probably the most important thing that you should do. Space consists of the basic structure of the room which includes the walls, floors, ceiling, doors, windows, beams and columns that support it from within and it is pointless going about decorating a space when you are not sure how can divide it and what best would look good with it. Following this process was the analyzing the form of the entire house which is basically understanding the outline of the furniture and other objects that you plan on incorporating within the room. home design 8

One of the most wonderful things about this house is that the owners and designer together have managed to incorporate splashes of colour in various elements of the home. Be it from bright pink cushions being paired up with a dark brown couch to the sunshine yellow partition in the living room, from the lovely linens in the bedroom to the handcrafted wall accessories, in this house, you won’t find a dull corner. home design 5 home design 18 home design 23

Another thing that catches the eye in Mr. Chandrashekhar’s lovely home is the incorporation of patterns. From the drapes to the wall partitions, from wall arts to the colours that have been used to paint them, patterns come through as a very dominant theme. The best thing about using patterns as a part of home décor is that you can go with a lot of mixing and matching. When it comes to picking patterns for your home, you need not always go with symmetry or similar kinds, the more open to experimentation you are the better. Patterns add a fun and whimsical touch to the interiors of a place and do wonders in bringing about a unique touch, as it has done in this case. home design 15 home design 22 home design 19 home design 13 home design 7 home design 6 home design 3 home design 30 home design 29 home design 20

As per the age old saying, the kitchen is definitely the heart of this home. Its design is perfectly suited for an Indian apartment as it has enough space for storage and to move around in while preparing a meal. Minimalistic and contemporary, it checks the box with respect to both the functional and the aesthetic aspects. home design 14 home design 10 It is also a place where the lady of the house whips up delicious treats for the entire family. home design 12

Last but not the least, lighting is perhaps one of the most important things to consider while decorating your home and this house is a true testimony to the beautiful marriage between artificial and natural light.

At the end of the day, the walls of the house rings with laughter and that’s the best kind of décor any home could ever ask for. home design 26 home design 27 home design 24 home design 21

Happiness is homemade…and with Chandrashekar and his family as an example, this saying couldn’t be more true!


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