The Eye Of A Designer – Sabyasachi’s Charming Home Design

When you think of bridal and wedding couture you immediately think of one person – none other than Mr. Sabyasachi, of course. The King of couture, Kolkata’s gem, has changed the way the fashion industry views this particular genre. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this master designer has designed an ethereal home for himself. Sabyasachi home design and decor 2

Tucked away in a cozy nook in the City of Joy, Sabayasachi’s humble abode will inspire you in a way like none other. The first thing that strikes you about his place is the liberal use of plants and greens as an accessory. Serene, calm and beautiful, the liberal inclusion of plants and greenery is what takes the designer’s home to the next level. Sabyasachi home design and decor 1


Sabyasachi is man of many quirks and even though he may appear to be shy in social gathering and events, what come through from his personality is magnanimous enough. When it comes to interior design, there are people who like old things and then there are people who don’t. Sabyasachi, welcomes age and is one of the things that he’s not shy about admitting. One of the most breath-taking things that you will find in his house is a 1960s dressing table surrounded by potted plants in the garden. A statement piece like no other, this dressing table epitomizes beauty from a time long past. Sabyasachi home design and decor 3


According to Architectural Digest, “The home is a shy contrast to Mukherjee’s accessories-filled stores. It is a functional, charming apartment that on the afternoon of our photo shoot, was filled with the scent of home-cooked Bengali food. Mukherjee’s stamp is firmly on it, but it’s not overpowering. No, there’s no clutter.”- and rightly so. In Sabyasachi’s house, you’ll not find anything that seems like it doesn’t belong where it’s been placed. Be it the Writing desks that doubles up as a dining table set with crockery from Kalighat Sabyasachi home design and decor 4


Or the old books and perfume bottles that adorn the house everywhere, each and everything is in perfect harmony with the other Sabyasachi home design and decor 10 Sabyasachi home design and decor 5


The house is brought to life with the use of bright colours when you least expect it and somewhere between the rich cobalt blue and the royal purple, you are transported in to another world. Sabyasachi’s house is also dotted with the most interesting of paintings, curios and quirky accents which he has collected from various places. Be it the study, bedroom or the living room, each space is studded with carefully selected, vintage furniture and mesmerizing art forms that will keep you captivated for hours on end. Sabyasachi home design and decor 11 Sabyasachi home design and decor 8
Sabyasachi home design and decor 13


Perhaps one of the most charming things about his place is the originality. The man has not done much to cover up the age and experiences that the house itself has gone through. The distressed wooden cabinets and the ethnic tiles in the open kitchen, the granite, marble and plaster staircase and the minimalistic bedroom with the brass lamps and the green marble-topped tables, all add up to ultimately creating a home that truly stands the test of time. Sabyasachi home design and decor 9 Sabyasachi home design and decor 6 Sabyasachi home design and decor 67

Coco Chanel once said, “beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”, a saying that holds absolutely true to Sabyasachi’s mind blowing home, one that explodes with vibrancy, uniqueness, personality and character, much like the man who lives in it does!

Credit – Architectural Digest


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