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Our story starts with a dream – a dream of a newly-wed couple who had a vision of how their first home together would be. Prior to this, the couple had no experience in interior design but like every home-owner they had the desire of making their dream home beautiful through the right design which was just right for their taste and budget. Client of Homefuly

The first steps towards the realization of this dream started with the hunt for the right interior designer. But it was a daunting task as the couple had no idea about the pricing structures. The situation became all the more complicated as different designers suggested different things. Just when everything was starting to look bleak, they stumbled upon none other than yours truly on social media. With Homefuly, they could see the work of multiple interior designers and could read the stories and concepts behind them. That’s when they liked Foyer2Attic’s work and got in touch with Madhu Sarangi, the interior designer. Finally, this vision took shape as one of our very own designers and the new homeowners came together to create a beautiful home. Interior Designer of Homefuly with clients

The process started by scheduling a free consultation session with Madhu. Once the designer had visited their site, an instant connect was made as they were so compatible with each other – their personalities, expectations, visions all synced in very effortlessly to create an unstoppable dream team. Their immediate chemistry, something that is so important to have when it comes to interior designing, ensured that the final result was nothing but the very best. The client Nishant and his wife, Soumi gladly spent 80% of their time in the design planning process and only after 4 to 5 iterations they finalized on a design on which the execution work started. The rest is history.

The interior design of this apartment starts with the foyer unit and the decorated wall which marks the entry. The unique storage area defined by the trapeze structure sets the tone for the rest of the home. Made with Veneer and premium quality plywood that renders a wooden finish look, the entry of the home has an immediate soothing and divine effect.

unique storage area at the entrance

Full Decorative Storage unit at the Entrance

Foyer Design in an apartment

Large Foyer Unit made of Plywood and Veneer

Entrance Interior Design

Side View of the Entrance Interior Design

As you take the tour of the home, the living room design with the TV unit and display shelves for your books is something else that will catch your eye.  Made with veneer and commercial ply, the predominantly wooden theme that was noticed upon the entry into the home carries on and continues to do so throughout as well.

TV cabinet design in living room made with ply and veneer

Minimalistic TV Cabinet Design with Shelves

TV cabinet design

Another View of the TV Cabinet Design

The dining area is worth special mention with the star being the large bar cum storage unit for the kitchen. The unit extends on both sides and allows one to optimize storage space both on the kitchen side as well as on the bar counter side. The dining table and the chandelier are as royal as they get and create an ambience fit for a king.

Dining Room design with a grand dining table and bar cabinet

Royal Dining Space Design

dining table design

Dining Table Design

Storage and bar cabinet design in dining room

Storage cum Grand Display unit

The kitchen, on the other hand, was designed keeping functionality and its utilitarian nature in mind. Once again dominated by elegant, hand-crafted wood work, the laminate and BWR (boiled water resistant) plywood steals the show. The color palette of the kitchen was primarily kept to light and neutral tones so that the space would make it look bigger. The kitchen comes equipped with ample storage space in the form of cabinets, shelves, built-in storage spaces and the likes.

Kitchen Design with lots of extra storage

Kitchen Interior Design with Maximum Utilization of Space

Closer View of the Cabinets

Closer View of the Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets Design

Kitchen Cabinets Design

Our tour takes us finally to the two bedrooms that are there in the house. The bedroom is a very important part of your home. It is the place where you come back after a tiresome day to relax and spend some quality time. The bedroom is where people spend a considerable amount of their time and therefore it becomes extremely important to have a design that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed. The two bedroom designs in this apartment are safe havens. The first bedroom comes with a special pattern wardrobe that perfectly complements the forward the design of the home while the second bedroom comes with a handcrafted wardrobe and chest of drawers with custom made handles. Every single detail that went into creating the rooms was a result of intense research about what would be the right fit.

Bedroom Design with built-in Wardrobes

Wardrobe Design in First Bedroom

Chest of Drawers Design

Chest of Drawers Design


Wardrobe Design with Custom made handles

Wardrobe Design with Custom made handles

The Bren Trillium Apartment is an extraordinary output of something that started merely as a seed of a thought. Today, this home symbolizes the dreams of two people coming true.


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  • Liked the work done for Nishant and Soumi. Want to get my house’s interior done. Could you please conatct me.

    Saumya October 19, 2015 4:28 pm Reply

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