This August Bring The Patriotic Passion Home

Though we might feel patriotic, hoisting the tricolor is not really possible for all of us. But then again, the tricolor has three beautiful colors that can be included in the home decor to subtly yet surely let your abode adorn the colors of India.


Colors like saffron add luxury and elegance to a space. This spicy hue also creates a striking backdrop in rooms with a cultural theme, such as a Moroccan-inspired space.

tricolor 1

tricolor 2

tricolor 3


All-white rooms are anything but boring. Create dazzling looks with this monochromatic palette.

tricolor 4

tricolor 5


tricolor 6



The colour is warm and welcoming and brings with a certain sense of being closer to nature.

tricolor 7


tricolor 8

tricolor 9



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