You & The Purple Pony

~ Do you believe in fairy tales? ~

Do you believe in magic? Have you ever been to a place which transports you into a world that is so perfect that it seems surreal?

You must be silently laughing at me right now, wondering, what is she saying? Is she talking about a fairy tale?

Well, as a matter of fact, I am! Tucked away in one of the bustling alleys of popular Bangalore hub, Koramangala, exists a place like this. A place of wonder, a place of magic, a place where when you enter, you feel like you’ve left the concrete jungle behind you. A place that goes by the name of The Purple Pony! Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 3

The Purple Pony (I know you’re going “awww” every time I mention the name!) was started by Megha Joshi and Devesh Pant who dreamt of a venture together with the goal of creating beautiful, happy living spaces that brought delight & pride to those who own it. Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 13

Influenced and inspired by all their travels and adventures across the globe, Megha (who comes from an army background and hence the prolific travel opportunities) and Devesh returned to India to create a home décor store that had something exclusive for every home owner out there. Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 4

Interestingly, when dissected, the name “The Purple Pony” means “The Royal Gift” which fits perfectly with their standpoint of curating one-of-a-kind products that were crafted keeping YOU in mind. An exclusive product carries within it the energy of the maker and imprints a piece of the artist’s soul. For Megha and Devesh this was a soul satisfying work and they feel fortunate to share it with the rest of the world. Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 11

So, what do you get at The Purple Pony? The question is, what don’t you?! From interior & outdoor décor to furniture, from rugs and window accessories to bedding and linen, from mesmerizing lighting and hand crafted cushions to table tops, sling bags, clutches and other gift items! Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 15 Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 12 Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 6

The power couples’ background in retail, their travel experiences and love for indigenous and ethic arts & crafts can be seen in each and every piece that is available at the store. What is really cool is that 80% of the things in The Purple Pony is hand-made, keeping in mind that the people who make them are just as exclusive as the products itself resulting in classic, timeless pieces that will have relevance even fifty years down the line. Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 1 Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 9 Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 8 Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 7 Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 5 Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 2

Roald Dahl once said, “those who don’t believe in magic will never find it”. What The Purple Pony does is that it helps you look beyond the mundane and into a world that is fascinating, a world full of magic and wonder… a unique world, curated especially for you! Purple Pony - Home Decor Products 10


To know more about The Purple Pony visit their website:, or better still, go their store which is at 565/1, 15th Main Road, Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangala, Koramangala 4th Block, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560034 (you can find them on Google maps as well)


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