The Perfect Piece To Your Puzzle

~In your best friend, you find your second self~

During the year, we come across a lot of celebratory days every month. But of all the wonderful days,Your best friend is the one person who you can go to for no matter what. Be it for when you’re sad or ecstatic, when you need advice or just in search for someone who you can sit with for hours on we celebrate this month, the one which we all look forward to the most is of course friendship day!

Sometimes we simply need someone to be there. Not to fix anything or do anything in particular, but just to feel that we are loved and cared for. Your best friend is the one person who you can go to for no matter what. Be it for when you’re sad or ecstatic, when you need advice or just in search for someone who you can sit with for hours on end.

While you may have several acquaintances, colleagues and even ‘close’ friends, you only need one best friend who makes all the difference in your life. And though everyday with this best friend is a day to celebrate and remember, friendship day is your chance to make it extra special.

So, to make your friendship day a little easier and a whole lot more fun, we’ve put together some simple and fun ideas that will allow you to show your gratitude and have a cracking day with your bestie. When it comes to friendship and commemorating the years of fond memories spent together, nothing beats a great DIY project. So, this friendship day, rev up your creativity, put on your thinking caps and get prepared for a whole of fun because these super simple and easy DIY friendship day – home décor projects will take thing to the next level.

The Pom-Poms

The funny thing about DIYs is that they really have this knack of taking you down memory lane. When it comes to school and college, one of the things that we remember fondly are fests, activities and making new friends. So, to commemorate that, this friendship day, you can try making a pom-pom wall hanging that will never fail to take you back to the good old days.  You can go for different colors and different textures that can symbolize a particular memory that you share fondly with your best friend. DIY-Pom-Pom-Wall-Hang

The Dream Catcher

This one’s an unusual take on a dream catcher. Of late, painted feathers have become quite the popular crafting item. The best part about this idea is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. All you have to do is get a bunch of feathers (they are easily available at any arts and crafts store and come in a lovely variety of colours as well) and spend an afternoon with your friend painting memories on them as you wish. P.S you could even make two, one for you and one for your bestie. DIY-Painted-Feathers

Bottle Cap Magnets

Your best friend is someone who you’ve shared many a first with. Talking about your first crush, your firsts time at a big party, your first time taking a trip together and of course the first time you share a drink together. Which is why it’s fitting that you do something that makes you remember the firsts in your life that you’ve shared with your best friend and soul mate. For this particular number, we’ve chosen bottle cap magnets. Super simple and incredibly cute, you can spend this friendship day making magnets of all the wonderful memories that you’ve shared with your friend. You could put commemorative dates or even signs and symbols that only the two of you know to make it extra special and meaningful. 398daefa1316f2478f85b1445163968c

Photo Collage

Sometimes, one photo is just not enough to symbolize everything that you and your friend have gone through. In such cases, don’t restrict yourself to one photo frame, instead, go all out and create a collage of frames where you can string a whole bunch of pictures one next to the other. All you need for this a string, some glue and fairy lights. Once you’ve sorted out your pictures, you’ll just have to do is pick a wall, place the strings on the wall and glue the pictures onto them. You could also use clothes pegs to hook the pictures on to the string if you want to avoid glue. 46f05e02e3c11443afe0a45365101bda

Friendship Bands

Last but not the least, friendship day is incomplete without some friendship bands to decorate your wrist with. The possibilities with this is endless and here is when you can really let your creativity lose. Your friendship bands and bracelets can take any shape that you want it to, all it need to say is that you are thankful for having your friend in your life and that he/she is irreplaceable and what better way to say this than by giving something to each other that you’ve spent time together in making it. ad7b0b3d518bf3e0e9f16218c859ba21

Here’s to the person who is the anchor to your ship, the chocolate sauce to your brownie, the pepperoni to your pizza, the wind to your kite and the perfect piece to your puzzle.


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