10 Amazing things you can do with Fairy Lights

How to decorate different parts of your home with fairy lights

Whether we care to admit it or not., fairy lights are everybody’s favorite. They are used for birthday’s, for wedding’s for Valentine’s Day for when you want things to get a little more romantic, for holiday’s celebrations and for special occasions as well. What makes them so irresistible is that their beauty lies in its simplicity and for the fact that they can completely change the way your home looks (of course, for the better). So, if you’re looking to give your home a little makeover that’s both gorgeous and affordable, then all you have to do is go get some fairy lights and kick start your imagination.

Just to get those creative motors running, we’ve curated 10 amazing and simple things that you can do with fairy lights.

A DIY macrame boho chandelier with fairy lights – easy, inexpensive and awesome!

Decorate your headboard with fairy lights and rest assured that you” have sweet dreams every night

You know what makes paintings and wall art even more beautiful? Fairy lights!

Ain’t no party like a fairy light party. Add life, love and light to outdoor and indoor gatherings with friends with lots of fairy lights

Just weave some fairy lights into a string and you’ve got yourself a very pretty decorative item, especially if you’ve got teenagers at home!

Lace fairy lights along a wreath and we guarantee that whenever you look at it, you’ve feel festive and jolly.

Change the look of an ordinary chest of drawers, a bed side cabinet, a plain wrack of metal shelves or even a your kitchen.

Give your garden a bit of character with these beautiful things.

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