5 Indoor-Plants That Every Bedroom Should Have

Our bedrooms are meant to be that one place where we go after a long day! But the reality is that there are more chemicals present there than meets the eye. Be it from the carpet or wall paint to event the dry cleaning hanging in our closets – there are pollutants in the air, that we don’t even know about. But what can we do about this?

A beautiful solution to these air quality issues in the bedroom is the addition of indoor plants. Studies show that the leaves and roots of plants take up pollutants, and store them in their tissues. Even the microorganisms present in the soil are capable of absorbing pollutants like solvents and cigarette smoke. Whether your home is flooded with natural light or relies on lamps and scones for illumination, there is a houseplant that can thrive in your bedroom, freshening it for sounder sleep.

Here are 5 plants that you should consider keeping in your bedroom. Talk about aesthetics meet functional!

Aloe Vera
Spider Plant

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