Decorate your way to a better kitchen!

Decor ideas for the kitchen and dining room

When you build a kitchen, it’s not just about how good it looks, but it also about how functional it is! These cool kitchen decor themes will ensure that you have best of both worlds.

The Industrial Look

While building a kitchen, the first thing you have to consider is the look and the layout of it. With sensibilities maturing and designing influence coming in from around the globe, the industrial kitchen has become extremely popular. Characterized by details such as exposed bricks, exposed pipes, rustic metals and minimalist furniture, the industrial kitchen is heavily inspired by the factory look. It combines the beauty of different textures such as wood, stone and concrete coupled with innovative finishes.


One of the biggest conversation starters for this season happens to be monochromes. The rise of grey, black and white in the kitchen is a phenomenon. Whether it’s entire cabinets, worktops or appliances, the combination of these three colors is what will take your kitchen from level 1 to level awesome!

Modern Painted Cabinets

Yet another design element that leans towards the aesthetics rather than functionality – painted kitchen cabinets is a trend that is on the rise and it’s already creating ripples. Things are moving away from the chunky look towards the slimmer and ore contoured look, and how. When it comes to the kitchens of the 21st century, it’s all about retaining the modern, contemporary look and feel.

Bold Fixtures

Colors are not the only thing that’s going bold in kitchen designs this year, its fixtures too! From over-sized light fittings to larger than life cabinets and storage setting, if you want people to take notice of your kitchen then it’s all about – the bigger the better. Now we understand that ‘big’ would differ with respect to the different types of kitchen, but the whole idea is to play according to the size you’re given to ensure best results.

High Quality Storage Solutions

The importance of storage in a kitchen cannot be stressed enough. Kitchen storage is all about high quality storage solutions and in this case, both style and practicality is given its due importance in order to create the ‘wow’ factor.

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