5 DIY Home Decor Ideas

Everybody wants their home to reflect a part of themselves, which is why we’ve picked up 5 easy yet amazing DIY decor home decor ideas for your living room that’ll help you get creative with the space that you have.

1. DIY Cushion Covers: This is a simple yet effective way to brighten up your couch / chair and is a great family weekend project at the same time. You can go with tie and dye, tassels, sequins or plain simple artwork and get really creative with a paint brush.

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2. DIY Candles: You’ve got to admit that this is a brilliant idea. In fact this DIY hack is so simple that it’ll be over before you know it. A few classic flavours for this are coconut, orange, lavender, rose and sandalwood. It will not only make your living room look great but it’ll make it smell awesome as well…so much so, that you’ll be secretly wishing for more power cuts!

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3. DIY Draperies: Add a little bit of oomph to your curtains by stitching on a band of fabric (could be anything from lace to felt) to the bottom end of your draperies / curtains to give your living room a customized look.

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4. DIY Lamp Shades: Looking to brighten up your life? DIY lamp shades are the way to go. Once again all you need is some fabric, a marker and a dash of creativity. You could also take the path of using fabric tapes, hair dyes and spray paints to brighten up the space.

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5. DIY Vases: Who doesn’t like flowers? and more so who doesn’t like a bunch of fresh, bright and beautiful flowers in the living room? Not only do they add a whole lot of colour but they make you happy as well. But what makes things really special is a DIY vase. All you need is some left over paint and a whole lotta love. These vases can be done in a variety of colours, patterns and prints – totally depending on your mood.

So here are just a few ideas that will help you make the centre of your home a place from where nobody would want leave!

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