Eclectic Clutter Home decor Ideas – There’s Method in the Madness!

Eclectic clutter in home decor, an emerging design trend that is becoming increasingly popular by the day

The eclectic clutter trend is the new kid on the block which ensures that no two houses look the same -interesting right? Of all the unconventional styles that have increased in prominence over the years, this is perhaps one of the few that truly allows you to showcase creativity by bringing a rather personal touch to a home. From quirky home accessories to contrasting themes, eclectic clutter is all about creating harmony within purposefully disorganized living spaces.


Picking one color to carry throughout your home will create a cohesive look. This unifying factor will help to ensure your space doesn’t look too cluttered or overwhelming.


With the eclectic style, it’s so easy to go overboard or get carried away designing an already busy looking space. Creating a focal point helps draw the eye to one area of the room first. Utilize an eye-catching element such as a fireplace, large piece of art, or an accent wall.


Mix something old with something new! Place an antique console table under a contemporary mirror, or try a leather chesterfield sofa paired with a geometric rug. The options are unlimited and you can have so much fun pairing items together to create your unique home.


This is very important in any home, but especially so when you’re dealing with eclectic style. You don’t want your space to feel like a hodgepodge of items. Pick larger statement pieces that bring good lines and interest into your space.


This rule goes for any design style. Make sure that you pick appropriately sized pieces to fill your rooms. Also pay attention to how the pieces work together, as you want the proportions to be correct and cohesive.


When it comes to designing your home the eclectic “organized” clutter way, do not be afraid to mix styles. As mentioned before, the entire essence of this design inspiration is to find the method within the madness. So, don’t hesitate to mix two contrasting design thoughts in order to make a whole!

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