Going Traditional with home Decor!

How to design your house in the traditional style

Traditional style is the epitome of comfort, harmony and order, where everything matches and nothing is jarring to the senses. It welcomes with warmth and familiarity. Is it fuddy-duddy – NO! Is it absolutely gorgeous and breathtaking – YAASS!

“Traditional” furniture today combines the best of Sheraton, Queen Anne and Chippendale styles with embellishments like gentle curves, wingbacks, tufting and piping. So, basically what we’re trying to say is that going traditional does not mean being boring! That is a misconception and we are here to break it with some beautiful designs!

3 must-have’s when you’re going down the traditional route

  1. Uniformity
  2. Symmetry
  3. Sophisticated color palette

Decoding the elements of a Traditional style home

  • Upholstered furniture exhibiting classic lines. It’s functional, unfussy, and restful looking.
  • A mix of vertical lines with more restful horizontal lines.
  • Soothing, textured fabrics. Popular options – florals, solid colors, plaids & stripes, tone-on-tone, and small all-over patterns are a WIN!
  • The overall ambiance should resonate homey, understated, and non-jarring.
  • Create a contrast with colors. Mix the light and dark and don’t be afraid of curiosity. It’s not the same as boho, but it doesn’t mean you have to curtail your style.
  • Accessorize! lamps, urns, plants, mirrors, framed prints, china, vases, and collections of books – they’re your best friends
  • Be daring with your light fixtures. It exhibits classic styling & lamps with silk shades, wall sconces / floor lamps are good to go!
  • Let the windows do the talking. Window coverings in traditional rooms show a classic style. Look for narrow shutters, traverse draperies, and under treatments of pinch pleated sheers.
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